Moura Funeraruim
Petite Riviere

Creating your one stop funeral service destination

Eiffel Property has created a first-of-its-kind commercial funeral establishment, that offers specialised services and experiences that honour and celebrate deceased individuals. Moura Funerarium has seven distinctive reflective spaces, where each seats 80 – 90 people. Over the many years of operating, this development is home to highly skilled and dedicated professionals who understand the different funeral and interment customs of many faiths and cultures.

Understanding that when someone passes away, planning a funeral can be overwhelming, that’s where Moura Funerarium is the ideal destination to take care of everything from the planning to having the service. You will have everything you need, from an administration department and funeral arrangement office that will provide consultants that take you through the process, a flower shop, operations department that has a warehouse, fleet management, manufacturing department as well as staff quarters and a mortuary facility. In total, there are also four funeral halls and cafeterias for those looking for a place to conduct their service. It’s an unprecedent facility that has set the standard for future development in Mauritius

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Construction timeframe was between 2017 to 2019

The site
is 8442m²

9 buildings
on the site

facility on the island