About us

In 7 years, Eiffel Property has established itself as forerunners and first-class specialists in commercial, industrial and residential property development. Their 360-degree services provide development management and coordination, financial management, as well as development and construction of all of its real estate projects. 

Eiffel Property’s portfolio extends across premium institutes that offer ground-breaking solutions to affordable and mid-to-high end residential estates. Following 3 successful projects, over the next decade, Eiffel Property aim to build their real estate assets and capitalise on innovative opportunities.

As a privately held company situated in Petite Riviere – Mauritius, our team boasts over 44 years of combined experience. Founded by Mr. V.M. Govender and headed by Mr. W. Rajan, Eiffel Property is behind one of the biggest residential projects on the island.

 Celebrated as a new development entity that listens to what the market demands, Eiffel Property’s residential and industrial development spaces have changed the landscape and the way communities engage with one another, specifically in high-end housing, mini factories and warehouses.

Our Objectives

Meet Warren Rajan

Armed with over a decade of extensive experience in the property sector, Warren Rajan is the current Managing Director of Eiffel Property. He has spearheaded numerous high-profile residential and commercial construction projects across Mauritius. Respected by his colleagues for his analytical skills, resourcefulness and relentlessdrive to innovate, Warren is passionate about collaborating with like-minded professionals to deliver quality construction results.

With a proven skillset in project and team management, employee training, and client relationship building, Warren also has technical knowledge and a results-driven business philosophy. His adaptability and eye for maximising the company’s profitability and positive business outcomes have made him a valued member of Eiffel Property. Warren is committed to working with cutting-edge, sustainable technology and using innovative construction approaches to build a more ecologically-friendly future.

His current long-term goal for Eiffel Property is to get the company to a stage where sustainable property development is their philosophy.

Gain long-term tenants
for rental opportunities

Acquire existing properties suitable for rejuvenation

Secure vacant and
zoned land acquisitions

Secure prime and
secondary investments